My name is Sbu Osborn, I am the Founder of DoingCoaching.com. I am a coach who is in love with the coaching industry. I have spent the last few years understanding the coaching industry thoroughly. I am also a marketing specialist. My skills, knowledge have resulted in the birth of DoingCoaching.com

With DoingCoaching.com I help coaches accelerate growth in the coaching business. I also help everyday people start profitable coaching businesses.

I work with coaches because they change lives and make a big impact in this world. This is something I love and passionate about, for me it all started with the skills I possessed, it grew with the combination of my natural strengths and my love of helping others make this world a better place. What get me up in the morning is the fact that not only do I help coaches help others but I also help them take their coaching business to the next, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

 I enjoy talking to coaches learning about them, their stories, what led them to their journeys and why they do what they do, it also keeps me inspired in my own journey and gives me the strong desire to want to help them help others. I also get to learn new things from them, some of those things turn out to be the things that I wasn't aware of initially that I also personally need in my own life and journey to grow, evolve and be a better version of myself.

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